Mom-shaming experiences and other stories.

I decided to share the news of my pregnancy with close friends and colleagues very early into my first trimester. I’d manifested my baby and I didn’t feel as though sharing THE BIG NEWS had an inception date, especially when sharing with people close to me. The news caught wind at work and an incident occurred with a manager who insinuated that I shouldn’t have shared this so early on. Some words were had and I felt gutted. Talk about trying to steal someone’s joy.

I’m back on my bullshit! You’re welcome.

We’ve been hating on 2020 all year long because out of any other year this decade, she was the most coercive catalyst for introspection, well in my opinion at least. We’ve already crept into mid-October with oil tails tucked between our legs, but on somedays, emotionally; I’m still in March trying process what the fuck just happened?