Epiphanies after spliffs


Life has been going kinda crappy lately and on one Saturday evening after smoking some OG Kush with my sister I had an epiphany, a realisation of some sort, an aha moment. For as long as I can remember I’ve always questioned life and what my purpose was and in this hot boxing moment in the driveway with my sister it hit me, life is about experiencing emotions!

What the fuck do I mean?

I mean that everything you do or say, everywhere you go, the people you choose to spend time with, the kinds of TV shows and radio shows you follow, the radio shows that catch your attention, the music your ears gravitate towards, all these things incite certain kinds of emotions and make you feel some type of way.

Hence the reason why I keep my circle so tight. I believe that you’re influenced immensely by the people you keep close to you and the people you experience certain emotions with and that heavily impacts the kind of person that you are. So, if you surround yourself with dope people they’ll most likely encourage you to do dope shit, and if you surround yourself with lame people and interact with their lame energy then they will encourage you to be lame.

Why is this even important to you?

Because I took control of my life when I realised that if life is about feeling and I am in control of how I feel so I am in control of my life. You need to be able to evaluate the relationships in your life and recognise which of these make you feel good and which make you feel bad and do one of two things;

  1. Decide to change the dynamics of the relationship by taking back your power
  2. End those relationships if the people are unwilling to change

Learning and growing

Has my life miraculously become perfect after realising that I choose what makes me feel happy, fulfilled, pleasured, encouraged and all those things that make you feel sparkly on the inside? No

But has recognising when I’m being vulnerable, needy, attached, unfulfilled, sad and disappointed, then taking back my power by changing my perceptions and behaviours towards certain situations helped me learn and grow? Yes.

Life is a learning curve and I say this for my women! You need to learn that you are beautiful, deserving of happiness and pleasure, purposeful and loved and nobody can teach us that except ourselves. We need to cut out expectations and accept the hard truth that we cannot be angry at people for not reciprocating emotions they didn’t ask us for, and we need to surround ourselves with energies that validate us, encourage us, grow us, love us and believe in us.

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