My first Bare Cherry Wax experience

It’s 2004 and 13-year-old me is standing in the bathtub, contorting my limbs into positions, unlike any other bath-time experience. With a razor blade in hand and determination in heart, I decided to shave my lady bits for the very first time. It was patchy, grew back too quickly, it was prickly and not to mention the nightmare that is ingrown hairs.

I’ve always had a love, hate relationship with shaving. There’s been cuts, bumps, irritation, and abrasions and for women of color, the damaged skin is evident as it takes on a darker tone than other parts of the skin. I’ve always wondered about waxing and finally after some research, my friend Jo and I booked our first appointment at NakedCherry in Parkhurst.

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the day with many snide comments from the fiance as the bush in my pants grew because he’s more of a sphynx kinda nigga. I listened to other women’s first wax experiences and the general consensus was that it would hurt but it would be worth it.

Jo and I booked our appointments back to back and next thing you know I’m lying on my back in the butterfly position, kitty out in front of a stranger. Daunting right? I know! …but what I imagined would be the most invasive experience yet (after a pap smear) turned out to be a treat from bonnet to bumper with a few screams here and there.

The beauty specialist Valerie was the perfect first-time wax match and I feel as though she was sent to me from the gods. She explained the procedure as we went along and there were no awkward silences in-between. She was encouraging and told me that I was doing well for my first time, which honestly, I really needed to hear. There was a little pain, as you would expect (because you’re having the hairs from your pubic area ripped from the follicle) but mostly less pain than I was stressing about leading up to it.  Jo, on the other hand, didn’t experience any pain and that’s indicative of how different every woman is.


Valerie also recommended products to prepare, nourish and protect the skin until our next appointment in four weeks (yes, I’ve booked my second appointment already). High rise bikini, here I come.

Things to know before your first wax:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Grow the hair out to the length of a rice grain.
  3. Don’t work out before or after.
  4. Don’t drink caffeine before the appointment.
  5. You can go when you’re on your period, just wear a tampon or the menstrual cup.
  6. Wear a dress or skirt so you don’t feel as naked and breathable cotton undies.
  7. Lay in the butterfly position, feet together, legs apart.
  8. Consult the professionals on aftercare
  9. Take the edge off before with a glass of wine or a blunt.
  10. Enjoy the smooth.

Naked Cherry pride themselves on no double dipping and creating a pleasurable experience for the client. You have an option to book online and they keep in contact with you leading up to your appointment. We didn’t make our choice based on proximity but chose the best waxer in town. Naked Cherry is the 2017 Professional Beauty Awards winners in the wax/product supplier category. I say go for it!


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