Our dream engagement photoshoot

Don't Panic, It's Organic.

It’s the first day of January and in the early hours of the new year I was awoken by Ashwin saying “Gaby, you thought I wasn’t going to do it, I’m going to show you.” Our friends Kim and Leelo were over at our place for the last celebrations of 2017 and they seemed to be just as confused as I was. Ashwin proceeded to take a box out of our wardrobe, he got on both knees and asked me to be his wife … and the rest is history.


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love taking pictures, (besides the fact that I’m a tad bit superficial) I think pictures are important for documenting your life story. I couldn’t wait to have our pictures taken to mark this monumental step towards our future together. A way to celebrate each other, a way to celebrate how far we’ve both come.


Earlier in September, Ashwin took me down to Cape Town to attend his brother’s wedding. We stayed with his cousin and his beautiful family, Carla-Rose, Caleb-Jesse and his Queen, best friend and wife Felicia. She and I were besties from the second we laid eyes on each other and Ashwin and I were lucky enough to have them take our pictures.


On the day of the shoot, we woke before sunrise and beat the traffic to drop the kids at school. We shared breakfast together at Knead Bakery, went to the market for flowers (which would end up in my afro), then location hunting. We drove for a short while and there it was, Mother nature’s way of showing off, Camps Bay. With the skyline, beach, ocean, Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head as a backdrop, Walther and Felicia captured Ashwin and I how I’d hoped. I’d like to share a bit of the day in pictures with all of you.


P.s. Walther, I remember you laying on the beach and your shoes getting wet in the ocean because you wanted to catch the perfect image of my person and I. We both appreciate you so much. Felicia, you’re such a queen and a soul sister. Thank you for agreeing to photograph us, I’ll treasure it forever. For photography enquiries from Lisa Wayne Creations please visit their Instagram or Facebook.


To Ashwin, my forever love, my everything, my future husband. I love you baby.


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