Product Review: Dettol Soap ProFresh

I tried the Dettol ProFresh Re-energize bar first. It was zesty combined with Dettol trusted protection from germs. My skin tingled with refreshment as I showered like it had literally been re-energised and afterwards, my skin felt so soft and smooth. I didn’t sweat as much as I usually do during the day, even during the hottest days this past December.

Photography, growth and being yourself

It’s the 3rd of January and I’m prepping my gear for a photo shoot. Lmao, the gear is my Nikon Coolpix camera which I had purchased five years prior with the intention to create more. Our location was the picturesque Klipriver Nature Reserve, south of Johannesburg and the model, my forever muse and sister; Lauren.

My first Bare Cherry Wax experience

It’s 2004 and thirteen year old me is standing in the bathtub, contorting my limbs into positions unlike any other bathtime experience. With a razor blade in hand and determination in heart I decided to shave my lady bits for the very first time. It was patchy, grew back too quickly, it was prickly and not to mention the nightmare that are ingrown hairs.ย